Information about COVID-19, midwifery and out-of-hospital birth

As the number of Coronavirus infections continues to increase within Utah state, Tooele Midwifery is preparing for an influx in out-of-hospital clients. We are in a unique position to offer community midwife services during world crisis as individuals continue to give birth, but want to reduce exposure to infection as much as possible. With out-of-hospital care, you avoid waiting rooms, hospitals, and having to visit with multiple providers. One care provider is present at all appointments and a maximum of two providers will attend your birth. You can be assured that community midwives are working together in order to manage the increase in client capacity and provide you with safe birthing options. 

At this time, virtual tours and consults are available at no charge. Prenatal and postpartum appointments are also offered virtually for those who opt-in and/or have been exposed to any illness. It is recommended to have a blood pressure cuff and thermometer on hand, however not required. Individuals over 28 weeks gestation may track daily fetal kick counts to ensure fetal well-being without hearing fetal heart tones. 


Please keep in mind that limiting all exposure is most crucial at this time for keeping you as clients healthy, and keeping ourselves as a care providers available to all of our birthing families.

If you are interested in transferring to midwifery care, we are now accepting low-risk late transfer clients at a reduced price. If you have had a normal pregnancy, screened negative for gestational diabetes and do not have concerning pre-existing conditions, please fill out the form below. I will contact you to schedule your free consult and tour. 

Midwifery services for COVID-19 transfers

Birth Package - Home or Birth Center

  • 32+ weeks late transfer: Includes all routine prenatal visits, labor/birth attendance, and 3-4 postpartum visits $2800

  • 28+ weeks late transfer: Includes all routine prenatal visits, labor/birth attendance, and 3-4 postpartum visits $3000

Prenatal or postpartum visit - virtual only

  • 30 minutes $25

  • 60 minutes $45

Prenatal or postpartum visit - in person

  • 30 minutes $40

  • 60 minutes $60

*If you are 10-27 weeks gestation, we may alternate online and in-person visits monthly - if you prefer online visits only, please ensure that you have a blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and at-home doppler

*If you are 28-36 weeks gestation, we may alternate online and in-person visits bi-weekly - if you prefer online visits only, please ensure that you have a blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and at-home doppler

*If you are 37-39 weeks gestation, your 37 week visit may be in-person with follow-up online visits until labor begins - it is highly recommended to track daily fetal kick counts during this time

*If you are 40+ weeks, your appointments will be held in-person until labor begins

COVID-19 Practice Changes

In order to do our part in preventing Coronavirus transmission, Tooele Midwifery is making adjustments that are in line with the CDC and Utah State Department of Health recommendations. This includes increased measures of sterilization, personal protective equipment, and social distancing. For these reasons, please be understanding of the changes to your care during this pandemic. 

Tooele Midwifery asks that our clients abstain from bringing friends, extended family members, and children to your in-office visits. Additionally, we request a minimal number of attendees at your birth. While we know this is an exciting time for the whole family, your midwives have a responsibility to reduce exposure to COVID-19 by reducing all social interactions. It is highly recommended to limit attendees to two (2) persons; your partner and one other supportive person (parent, doula, etc.) Additionally, we ask that all attendees review and answer 'no' to all COVID-19 screening questions prior to attending your labor and birth.

The main goal of these practice changes is to do our part in social distancing and reducing exposure to the virus. However, these measures are also crucial in maintaining our personal health, keeping us available to care for all of our clients, and ensuring that we can serve Tooele's birthing community through these hard times.

Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms

Screening for symptoms is mandatory for every person prior to any visit. If you answer yes to to any of the the following questions, please stay home and set-up an online visit. 

  • Have you had a cough, fever, body aches, or a sore throat in the last 14 days?

  • Has anyone in your household had any of the above symptoms?

  • Have you been in contact with any person that has tested positive for COVID-19 or is pending test results?

  • Do you currently have an elevated temperature?

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